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Our Expertise


We specialize in effectively supporting staff and leaders in high-stress situations.

Our approach is highly personalized, as we understand that each individual and organizational situation is unique. By actively listening to you during our conversations, we will tailor solutions to meet your specific needs and ensure the best outcomes for your team and organization.

We have extensive experience collaborating with teams and organizations throughout various phases, including before, during, and after high-stress situations. Additionally, we are equipped to provide ongoing support for situations that become long-lasting, ensuring a comprehensive approach to maintaining the well-being and resilience of your staff.


We expect the unexpected. We equip staff with the skills and tools they need to effectively navigate the challenges they may encounter.


We work with staff in the midst of high-stress situations as they develop. We support staff in staying resilient and partner with organizations as they make real-time decisions.


We stick with you. We help staff process their experiences and move towards health to promote their long-term wellness.


We know that many challenges aren’t resolved overnight and can become chronic situations. All of our services are adaptable to longer lasting situations.

Client Spotlight

“The stress associated with the work has increased significantly. The recent shift towards increased staff care and support provided by Headington Institute is the single most important contribution to the humanitarian aid community in the last 25 years.”

– ​Care Manager 

Help build the resilience of staff across the world.