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Our Expertise

Resilience Training​

Learning together builds resilient teams and staff.

We prepare staff for the most challenging environments.

Humanitarians are subjected to unusually high levels of stress that have physical, emotional, and behavioral consequences. Our training programs are designed to prepare staff for the most challenging environments.

In group training, we provide both information and applied skills designed to build individual and team resilience. Our clinicians use the latest neuroscience to reframe the effects of chronic stress, vicarious trauma, and critical incident exposure as normal reactions to abnormal situations. Once participants understand why they are struggling, we can help them make changes to support healthy individual and team function.

Group training empowers teams to improve communication and conflict resolution in cross-cultural environments, cope with sleep dysregulation, maintain meaningful relationships, manage stress in high-risk environments, and more.

Core Workshop Curriculum

  • Understanding Stress, Trauma, and Resilience
  • Critical Incident Training
  • Field-Based Situation Workshops
  • Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills in Stressful Environments
  • Personal Spiritual Practice and Resilience
  • Contextual Topics

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Other Expertise

We offer a custom set of tools and training that integrate the mind, body, and spirit to strengthen the well-being and effectiveness of global responders.

Who We Serve

We help the helpers— those who serve far away, or in their own communities.

Aid Workers

We prepare aid workers to face the ever more complex challenges of the field.

Emergency Responders

We come alongside disaster personnel before, during, and after a critical incident.

Community Caregivers

Burnout is no match for our practical training and interventions.

Client Spotlight

“The stress associated with the work has increased significantly. The recent shift towards increased staff care and support provided by helpers like the Headington Institute is the single most important contribution to the humanitarian aid community in the last 25 years.”

– ​Care Manager 

Support our global humanitarian workers.