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Our Expertise

Crisis & Critical Incident Response

We are ready for the unexpected.

When staff encounter critical incidents, we know that timely support is an essential element to their long-term health and wellness. Our clinicians are ready to provide individual, group, and leadership support that can be quickly tailored to address your team’s needs. We work with clients in active conflict zones, throughout evacuations, and in response to developing situations. Our expertise allows us to step in and support your staff as they process these experiences. Examples of our offerings include:

  • Mobilization and mitigation consultation for leadership
  • Group debrief and processing with staff
  • Confidential individual counseling

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Clinician Insight

“Much of our work is holding space and bearing witness to all that our clients need to process and explore. We share information and teach coping skills as needed,  but trauma-informed care is really about knowing how to honor our clients in that moment while positioning them towards health and resilience. Not rushing or talking over them. Not imposing our views or values on them but being with them in a way that is therapeutic and allows them to reconnect with themselves, their values, their culture, and their community. That connection is really where healing happens and hope flourishes.”

– ​Headington Institute Clinician

Join our mission to support staff working in high-stress environments.