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Our Expertise

Leadership Consultation & Training

We know that unique situations require unique leadership solutions.

We partner with leaders as they navigate distinct challenges and support staff in one-of-a-kind settings. Our experts understand complex dynamics and provide leadership-dedicated support as they develop solutions in real time. We also know that these types of settings require leaders to be uniquely equipped. Our leadership trainings teach you how to identify the warning signs for individual and team distress, create proactive prevention and capacity-building plans, and troubleshoot real-time challenges using a trauma-informed approach. 

When leaders are equipped to support their staff, individuals thrive and work effectively. By working with organizational leadership, we provide a road map for managers to address key staff care priorities as unexpected challenges in the field arise.

Leaders that understand the factors contributing to staff distress will proactively devote adequate resources for promoting individual, team, and organizational resilience. As a result, they will also have the best chance of succeeding in the increasingly complex global ecosystem. Those who fail to do so can see increased staff turnover, disability claims, and formal grievances from failing to provide adequate emotional support 

Core Components:

  • Trauma-informed leadership
  • Building a psychologically safe environment 
  • Management consultations
  • Team resilience workshops
  • Organizational assets, risk, and liability assessments
  • Action plan generation
  • Critical incident protocol development
  • Leadership critical incident debriefing

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Client Spotlight

“The stress associated with the work has increased significantly. The recent shift towards increased staff care and support provided by helpers like Headington Institute is the single most important contribution to the humanitarian aid community in the last 25 years.”

– ​Care Manager 

Join our mission to support staff working in high-stress environments.