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Our Expertise

In-Person & Virtual Trainings

We prepare staff for the most challenging environments.

We favor a proactive approach to staff care that enhances health and wellbeing. We know that staff working in high-stress and high-risk environments may be subjected to unusually high levels of stress that have physical, emotional, and behavioral consequences. Our training programs are designed to prepare staff for the most challenging environments and potential incidents.

In group training, we provide both information and applied skills designed to build individual and team resilience. Our clinicians use the latest neuroscience to address the effects of chronic stress, vicarious trauma, and critical incident exposure. Once participants understand why they are struggling, we can help them make changes to support healthy individual and team function.

Through both virtual and in-person group training, we empower teams to improve communication and conflict resolution in cross-cultural environments, cope with sleep dysregulation, maintain meaningful relationships, manage stress in high-risk environments, and more.-

Most requested topics include:

  • Understanding Stress, Trauma, and Resilience
  • Psychological First Aid
  • Critical Incident Training
  • Field-Based Situation Workshops
  • Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills in Stressful Environments
  • Personal Spiritual Practice and Resilience
  • Contextual Topics

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Clinician Insight

During a recent webinar, a participant shared that she ‘didn’t know there was a word’ for what she was experiencing. The nightmares, tension, and exhaustion made sense given all she was exposed to in the field. Her colleagues nodded in agreement and were able to process together both their current experiences and create a plan for supporting each other moving forward.

– ​Headington Institute Clinician

Join our mission to support staff working in high-stress environments.