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Our Expertise

Individual Counseling

We promote hope, health, and resiliency.

We know that staff working in high-stress and high-risk environments need high levels of support. We also know that staff are more healthy, resilient, and empowered when they are able to live out their values, find meaning in their work, and feel satisfied in their lives. This is especially true when an atrocity occurs. Our goal is to empower staff in moving towards health and resilience by utilizing evidence-based and culturally informed interventions. Headington clinicians are experts in addressing these specific issues, including primary trauma and vicarious trauma, chronic stress, and burnout. Individual or small group counseling gives staff the opportunity to apply resilience skills when an incident occurs. Confidential counseling can also support individuals navigating chronic stress and burnout, relational conflict with peers and supervisors, critical incident experiences, sexual assault, vicarious trauma, and a variety of other challenges.

We address a wide variety of counseling needs, such as:

  • Trauma-informed care
  • Resilience building
  • Developing coping skills
  • Processing difficult events

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Clinician Insight

“Many of our clients work in high-stress, high-risk, and dynamic environments. They’re also incredibly resilient, intelligent, and values-driven people. However, we often see these traits transform into burnout and vicarious trauma over time. During our trainings, we seek to support not only education and awareness around these patterns but practical ways to shift towards health and resilience while taking into consideration the realistic challenges of their environment. As one participant put it, ‘I needed to be reminded to use skills myself and be given the space to practice them.'”

 – Headington Institute Clinician

Help build the resilience of staff across the globe.