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Our Expertise

Risk Psychology

Providing psychological oversight for the most rigorous on-the-ground training.

Our clinicians keep security participants safe.

Since 2008, Headington Institute has provided the most rigorous standard of psychological oversight and care for HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) participants in the global aid community.

Our active-support model follows the principles of high fidelity stress exposure training and has been empirically shown to be the best method for teaching the preparedness and skills needed to operate in high intensity situations. We work closely with your site experts, security team, and role players to evaluate every training scenario for both safety and effectiveness.

We assume responsibility for the psychological well-being of your team. When on-site, our clinicians will:

  • Conduct proprietary and confidential pre-assessment tests screening participants for prior trauma experiences.
  • Provide training on the causes, consequences, prevention, and treatment of traumatic stress incidents, as well as information on the most effective self-care and team care strategies.
  • Oversee all training scenarios and intervene when participants are at risk for psychological harm.
  • Provide psychological group debriefing as needed. We are on-duty, around the clock.

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Other Expertise

We offer a custom set of tools and training that integrate the mind, body, and spirit to strengthen the well-being and effectiveness of global responders.

Who We Serve

We help the helpers— those who serve far away, or in their own communities.

Aid Workers

We prepare aid workers to face the ever more complex challenges of the field.

Emergency Responders

We come alongside disaster personnel before, during, and after a critical incident.

Community Caregivers

Burnout is no match for our practical training and interventions.

Client Spotlight

“The stress associated with the work has increased significantly. The recent shift towards increased staff care and support provided by helpers like the Headington Institute is the single most important contribution to the humanitarian aid community in the last 25 years.”

– ​Care Manager 

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