Board of Directors
Alan Hostrup
Jock Ebner
Joan Riboli
Pam Fogg
Michelle Banks
Winston Gooden
Bruce Haines, Ph.D.
T. Christopher Martin
Leah Porter
John Romero
LuAnn Yocky
Alan Hostrup, Chair
President & CEO of YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles

Alan C. Hostrup is the President & CEO of the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles, the region's oldest and largest non-profit organization serving youth and family. His service area includes 26 community Y’s, 3,000 staff, 5,000 volunteers and 3 camps which serve 500,000 individuals annually.  Alan's personal interest in international work and his lifetime commitment to work towards a more civil and inclusive society led him to join the Institute as a member of the board of directors in 2002 and as board chair in 2005. He has three grown daughters and one granddaughter.

Jock Ebner, Vice Chair
President of Morlin Asset Management, LP

Jock Ebner is President of Morlin Asset Management, LP, a regional commercial real estate property management and leasing company. As a specialist in the management of multi-story office buildings, emergency response, including the well-being of emergency first responders is vital to the operation of the buildings and customers Morlin serves. Over the years, Jock has been active in local communities as a coach in youth soccer and baseball organizations.

Joan Riboli, Secretary
Chief Financial Officer, Retired of San Antonio Winery

Joan Riboli is retired CFO of The San Antonio Winery, the oldest and last remaining winery in Los Angeles. She remains active in the family business, also serving on several advisory councils for the Headington Institute. An experienced nonprofit volunteer, Joan was Commissioner of Soccer, AYSO, in South Pasadena, overseeing numerous programs and regional volunteers.  A commitment to "helping those who help others" led her to join the board of directors in 2011. A new business venture and enjoyment of family and granddaughters continue to keep her busy.

Pam Fogg, Treasurer
Certified Public Accountant of Dowsett Fogg & Doler, P.C

Pamela Fogg is a principal in the firm of Dowsett Fogg & Doler, P.C.  where she directs the healthcare reimbursement practice specializing in auditing, litigation and compliance reporting for skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies.  An active volunteer, she has served on the boards of an AIDS facility, an oral deaf school, and as a lottery commissioner for the state of Oregon.  She is currently a founding board member of Arise Rwanda Ministries focusing on vocational education, clean and safe water systems, and community development in Boneza, Rwanda.

Michelle Banks
President of The African American Fire Fighter Museum

Michelle Banks is the President of the African American Firefighter Museum. Embodying the pioneering spirit of the African American firefighter, Michelle joined the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) in 1984. She is the LAFD’s third uniformed African-American woman, second African-American female Paramedic, and the first Special Assistant to the Fire Chief.  Ms. Banks’ commitment to the fire service and dedication to enhancing the community’s well-being has been acknowledged by a variety of sources, including California Senator Curren D. Prices Jr.s’ 2013 Hero Award and the Los Angeles City Women of Courage Award in 2000. Ms. Banks has a B.S. in Health Administration from the University of California, Davis; and a M.A. in Organizational Leadership from Woodbury University.


Winston Gooden
Ph.D., Retired Dean of Fuller Graduate School of Psychology

With over 30 years of experience as a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Winston Gooden has special expertise in psychotherapy with individuals, groups and couples and is adept at addressing spiritual and developmental issues with adults. Prior to his return to our board, Winston served as a senior consulting psychologist with the Headington Institute.  Having grown up in rural Jamaica, he has a particular concern for the challenges faced by persons and organizations in developing nations. Winston enjoys travel, gardening and hiking.

Bruce Haines, Ph.D.
Principal Research Technologist of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Dr. Bruce Haines has over 25 years' experience as a Research Technologist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and is recipient of the NASA Exceptional Service Medal (2014) and Tycho Brahe Award (2014). A specialist in remote-sensing technologies used by NASA, he understands how these technologies can be used to inform the urgent missions of humanitarian aid workers and global emergency responders. A growing recognition of this connection drew Bruce to join the Institute as a member of the board of directors in 2011. Bruce enjoys biking, trumpeting, skiing and spending time with his family. 

T. Christopher Martin
Chief Executive Officer of Direct Access Capital, LLC

Christopher Martin is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Direct Access Capital, a Dallas-based specialty finance firm. He has spent the last 13 years in alternative investments and is passionate about finding and pursuing the best risk-adjusted returns in the private credit markets. Christopher believes strongly in the Institute's mission of equipping humanitarian relief workers and emergency first responders with the tools to flourish in the midst of a crisis. Apart from the investment world, Christopher enjoys flying, tennis, and blues music.

Leah Porter
Vice President of Capital Group Companies

Leah Porter is a Vice President at Capital Group Companies Global, focusing on marketing. Leah is an experienced marketer with a proven track record in increasing brand equity and accelerating profitable growth in a variety of industries. Leah has been working with the Headington Institute for the past 8 years because she believes strongly in the mission of the organization. While she enjoys financial services, she also loves spending time with family and hiking.  

John Romero
Director of LA County Region, Southern California Alumni Chapter of the Naval Post Graduate School, Center for Homeland Defense and Security

John Romero retired in 2017 after a 32-year-long career in professional law enforcement.  In police agencies large and small, John developed an expertise in crisis communications, emergency management and complex investigations.  As a police captain, John was credited as the first to bring wireless emergency alerts to Los Angeles County and was the first to authorize a wireless alert for a local emergency.   John currently directs the Los Angeles County Region, Southern California Alumni Chapter of the Naval Post Graduate School, Center for Homeland Defense and Security.  John remains interested in improving policies and practices to help mitigate fatigue-related errors in high-consequence environments.  John places a high priority on faith, family and friends.

LuAnn Yocky
Senior National Director, Transformational Engagement, Retired of World Vision United States

LuAnn Yocky is retired National Executive Director for World Vision U.S.  She worked in the philanthropy division for over 35 years, serving individual and church donors.  In this role, she led trips throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America to allow project partners to witness, firsthand, the impact of their humanitarian support.  Such projects included water, sanitation and hygiene, child protection and emergency relief.  Her unique understanding of humanitarian challenges and expertise in philanthropy led her to join the board of directors in 2015. She remains involved with World Vision as a volunteer and is a charter member of the Columbia-Willamette Women of Vision.

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